Formula One World Championship

Formula One is the highest class of international auto racing for single-seater formula racing cars. Inaugural season started in 1950 on Silverstone circuit. Championship are sanction by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA). Drivers and teams competitive for the two title of World Champions: one for drivers, the other for constructors. Each driver must hold a valid Super Licence.
  • Category:Formula racing
  • Status:active
  • Engine manufacturers:Ferrari, Honda, Mercedes, Renault
  • Tyre suppliers:Pirelli
Formula One World Championship stats & records:
Season Drivers' Champion Constructors' Champion
2022 Netherlands Max Verstappen Austria Red Bull
2021 Netherlands Max Verstappen Germany Mercedes
2020 United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton Germany Mercedes
2019 United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton Germany Mercedes
2018 United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton Germany Mercedes
2017 United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton Germany Mercedes
2016 Germany Nico Rosberg Germany Mercedes
2015 United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton Germany Mercedes
2014 United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton Germany Mercedes
2013 Germany Sebastian Vettel Austria Red Bull
2012 Germany Sebastian Vettel Austria Red Bull
2011 Germany Sebastian Vettel Austria Red Bull
2010 Germany Sebastian Vettel Austria Red Bull
2009 United Kingdom Jenson Button United Kingdom Brawn
2008 United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton Italy Ferrari
2007 Finland Kimi Räikkönen Italy Ferrari
2006 Spain Fernando Alonso France Renault
2005 Spain Fernando Alonso France Renault
2004 Germany Michael Schumacher Italy Ferrari
2003 Germany Michael Schumacher Italy Ferrari
2002 Germany Michael Schumacher Italy Ferrari
2001 Germany Michael Schumacher Italy Ferrari
2000 Germany Michael Schumacher Italy Ferrari
1999 Finland Mika Häkkinen Italy Ferrari
1998 Finland Mika Häkkinen United Kingdom McLaren
1997 Canada Jacques Villeneuve United Kingdom Williams
1996 United Kingdom Damon Hill United Kingdom Williams
1995 Germany Michael Schumacher United Kingdom Benetton
1994 Germany Michael Schumacher United Kingdom Williams
1993 France Alain Prost United Kingdom Williams
1992 United Kingdom Nigel Mansell United Kingdom Williams
1991 Brazil Ayrton Senna United Kingdom McLaren
1990 Brazil Ayrton Senna United Kingdom McLaren
1989 France Alain Prost United Kingdom McLaren
1988 Brazil Ayrton Senna United Kingdom McLaren
1987 Brazil Nelson Piquet United Kingdom Williams
1986 France Alain Prost United Kingdom Williams
1985 France Alain Prost United Kingdom McLaren
1984 Austria Niki Lauda United Kingdom McLaren
1983 Brazil Nelson Piquet Italy Ferrari
1982 Germany Nico Rosberg Italy Ferrari
1981 Brazil Nelson Piquet United Kingdom Williams
1980 Australia Alan Jones United Kingdom Williams
1979 South Africa Jody Scheckter Italy Ferrari
1978 United States Mario Andretti United Kingdom Lotus
1977 Austria Niki Lauda Italy Ferrari
1976 United Kingdom James Hunt Italy Ferrari
1975 Austria Niki Lauda Italy Ferrari
1974 Brazil Emerson Fittipaldi United Kingdom McLaren
1973 United Kingdom Jackie Stewart United Kingdom Lotus
1972 Brazil Emerson Fittipaldi United Kingdom Lotus
1971 United Kingdom Jackie Stewart United Kingdom Tyrrell
1970 Austria Jochen Rindt United Kingdom Lotus
1969 United Kingdom Jackie Stewart France Matra
1968 United Kingdom Graham Hill United Kingdom Lotus
Mistrzostwa Świata Kierowców i Konstruktorów
1967 New Zealand Denny Hulme United Kingdom Brabham
1966 Australia Jack Brabham United Kingdom Brabham
1965 United Kingdom Jim Clark United Kingdom Lotus
1964 United Kingdom John Surtees Italy Ferrari
1963 United Kingdom Jim Clark United Kingdom Lotus
1962 United Kingdom Graham Hill United Kingdom BRM
1961 United States Phil Hill Italy Ferrari
1960 Australia Jack Brabham United Kingdom Cooper
1959 Australia Jack Brabham United Kingdom Cooper
1958 United Kingdom Mike Hawthorn United Kingdom Vanwall
Mistrzostwa Świata Kierowców
1957 Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio
1956 Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio
1955 Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio
1954 Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio
1953 Italy Alberto Ascari
1952 Italy Alberto Ascari
1951 Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio
1950 Italy Giuseppe Farina
Pozostałe wyścigi Fromuły 1
Season Trophies
2022 Pirelli Pole Position Award: Monaco Charles Leclerc
2021 Pirelli Pole Position Award: Netherlands Max Verstappen
2020 Pirelli Pole Position Award: United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton
2019 Pirelli Pole Position Award: Monaco Charles Leclerc
2018 Pirelli Pole Position Award: United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton
2017 FIA Pole Trophy: United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton
2016 FIA Pole Trophy: United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton
2015 FIA Pole Trophy: United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton
2014 FIA Pole Trophy: Germany Nico Rosberg